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Megger : Oil Test Equipment

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Oil has long been recognized as being an efficient coolant with a high flash point and high electric strength when used as an insulating medium in transformers, switchgear and other electrical apparatus. It is critical, however to maintain the oil properly to avoid weakening of the insulation properties.

The electrical properties of the oil can change with degradation due to oxidation, acids, sludge, gas and water absorption. These changes can be identified through a dielectric strength test. Megger Oil Test Sets are designed specifically to determine the dielectric strength of insulation oils. The range of Megger Oil Test Sets offer solutions for all oil testing applications.

All test sets follow the oil testing sequences described in national and international standards:
British-BS 148, BS 5730A, BM 5874
International -IEC 156
American-ASTM D877, ASTM D1816
German-VDE 0370
French-NFC 27
Spanish-UNE 21
Italian-CEI 344
Russian-GOST 6581
South African-SABS 555
Australian-AS 1767
Institute of Petroleum-IP 295

A selection of vessels allows the instrument to be configured for a variety of test standards.
The Megger oil test sets are designed to meet strict safety guidelines to ensure the safety of the operator.


PRODUCT : Oil Test Equipment
: New OTSAF Serie
: New OTS60PB and OST80PB
: Megger OTSAF/2 serie


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