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Megger : Circuit breaker testing

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Primary current injection test system

• Portable modular system
• Broad application range
• Up to 8 kA output

A powerful test system designed for primary injection testing of protective relay equipment and circuit breakers. It is also used to test the transformation ratio of current transformers and for other applications that require high variable currents. Up to 8 kA can be generated.
The ODEN A system consists of a control unit together with
one or two current units. All parts are portable, and ODEN A can be quickly assembled and connected. There are two versons of the current unit: S and X, S and X are identical except that X has an additional 30/60 V output.


PRODUCT : Circuit Breaker Testing
: Egil
: TM1700
: TM1800
: Oden A
: Oden AT




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